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Poultry are probably the most important livestock species for many developing families worldwide. Most are kept under scavenge-based conditions, where their small size and ability to survive on minimal inputs make their management an easy activity for any household to pursue.

 Poultry is becoming increasingly important due to escalating prices of beef and pork with more consumers resorting to poultry and its products because of their relatively low prices. Poultry is also being considered as the best source of protein in the category of white meats with a lot of people being advised to consume it more than red meat for health reasons.  

Resources required for this project depend on the scale you want to run the project. A chicken run is definitely a necessity. The fowl runs are built on a gently sloping area and well-drained ground. The structures are made up of brick, concrete floors mashed wire and asbestos roof. The doors in the fowl run have padlocks for maximum security.

Other resources required are a good supply of clean water or protected water. There is also a need for electricity supply in all the compartments in the fowl run. Adequate drinking and feeding troughs are also a necessity. Improvising on these troughs can save money but may result in a lot of chicken feed going to waste as they feed.

Depending with the level one pitch the project, there is need for a work forcewith at least one person holding a certificate in agriculture. I will be coordinating a poultry workshop in December. For more information, subscribe to this blog and send me an email. The availability of such skilled work force is one of the greatest strengths of the proposed poultry production project. 


RequirementsCostCommentsTotal cost
1.2 tonnes of chicken feed (1/3 starter and 2/3 finisher)$25/50kg starter$22/50finisher1 chicken consumes 4kg to finish( 1kg and 3kg finisher)250*4=1000kg of feed (250kg starter + 750kg finisher)$500
A monthly batch of 250 chicks at $80/100 chicks200.00$90/100 chickens$200 + transport
Disinfectants5 litres – $11Disinfect the main chicken run 1-2weeks prior to transfer of the chickens into the run$25 + cleaning equipment
Lighting material14.00Use infra red lamps for both heating and lighting$14
Fly traps15.00Control flies at every stage of growth$15
Security fencing100.00Depends on size
Water treatment tablets
Grand total is$754/250chickens

The operational framework is a periodisation of the management activities of the chicken project

  • During the week of feed change mix starter: finisher ratios as follows day1-4:1, day2-3:1, day3-2:1, day4-1:1, day5-finisher
  • Use vitamins packs prior to or after every operation that stresses the birds e.g. movement, sudden temperature change, erratic lighting e.t.c.
  • The operational framework assumes 94% efficiency, provided the mortality rate maybe 6%
  • Loan repayment can be achieved after the 3rd batch

Basic drug box

  • Vitamin stress pack
  • Terramycin
  • Terranox
  • ESB3
  • Oxytetracycline
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